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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 06-05-2024

1. Introduction

The purpose of this privacy policy is to safeguard the privacy of everyone who interacts with Procestimal. The goal is also to be fully compliant with GDRP requirements.

2. Data Controller Identity

The data controller, with regards to the GDRP, is Procestimal. Which is a sole proprietorship with KVK number 90610970 and registered in The Netherlands.
Procestimal can be contacted via or through the contact form on the Support page of this website.

3. Purposes of Data Processing

Personal data is processed to enable us to provide access to our e-learning platform. Data is also processed for billing, marketing and analytics purposes.
We strive to collect as little personal data as possible while still being able to provide our services to our customers. This concerns the provision of services and the attached billing process.

4. Legal Basis for Processing

The processing of personal data is based on consent concerning marketing and analytics data through the cookie banner.
The processing of personal data is based on consent concerning the provision of access to our e-learning platform and billing through a customer-initiated registration for our services.

5. Types of Data Collected

We collect the following personal data of customers: first and last name, e-mail address, and required info for the selected payment method.
For analytics and marketing purposes, we use Google Tag Manager to collect personal data for which a visitor opts in through the cookie banner.

6. Data Recipients

  • Personal data is shared with Stripe Inc. concerning payment data.
  • Personal data is shared with Epignosis LLC concerning login details.
  • Personal data is shared with Google Ireland Limited concerning website visiting info.

7. Data Transfers

No data is transferred between databases internationally.

8. Data Retention

Personal data is retained for as long as customers are using our services.
After the unsubscription of users, data is retained for two years to be able to prevent the re-use of initial discount offers and to be able to provide personal offers to users that might have unsubscribed.

9. User Rights

Users always have the right to access their data, rectify them or have them erased.
In case a user wants to exercise one of these rights, they can contact us at

10. Cookies and Tracking

Our website uses Google tracking cookies which are indicated by a consent banner.
The e-learning platform does not use tracking cookies in any form.

11. Security Measures

All safety settings are set to the maximum standard, incorporating strong passphrases and two-factor authentication with a preference for hardware keys.

12. Changes to the Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be updated periodically and the latest version will always be present on our website

13. Contact Information

The data controller can be contacted through info@procestimal or via the contact form on our Support page.