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Our story

Procestimal is a company based in The Netherlands focussing on helping organizations optimize their processes. The core methodology used to reach that goal is Lean Six Sigma and the services we provide to you as aspiring and existing Lean (Six Sigma) Belts are guided by the following principles:

1. Promoting sustainable success

At Procestimal, our purpose is to bring positive change by spreading the Lean Six Sigma methodology to foster a more sustainable world. We are dedicated to utilizing and disseminating Lean principles to empower organizations to consume fewer resources while concurrently maximizing customer satisfaction. By promoting efficiency, eliminating waste, and optimizing processes, we strive to reduce environmental impact while enhancing the value delivered to customers. Through our commitment to Lean, we aim to inspire widespread adoption of sustainable practices across industries, driving collective efforts towards a more resource-efficient and environmentally conscious future. At Procestimal, we believe that by embracing the Lean Six Sigma methodology, we can not only drive business success but also contribute significantly to creating a better world for current and future generations.

2. Lifelong learning

In today's modern and fast-paced business environment, lifelong learning is key to staying ahead of the competition. Instead of providing classical courses with a bunch of theory and then nothing we believe in modular learning at your own pace. Therefore, the Lean Six Sigma curriculum is made modularly available through e-learning so that you can learn the subject that you want when you want to. We also believe that training does not stop when you get your certification. Skill fading occurs over time, and when you want to apply the skills you learned during training you may want to get back to the list of tools. That's why we believe in the dual use of our e-learning platform. We not only prepare you for Lean (Six Sigma) certification. But also provide you with a Lean (Six Sigma) toolkit that you can use in daily life at your organization.

3. Low entrance barriers

We believe that the Lean Six Sigma methodology should not only be available to big organizations that have the financial means to pay for expensive training and software licenses. All organizations may profit from Lean Six Sigma, and therefore we believe that the barriers to entry should be as low as possible. We contribute to this goal by advising you in our courses to use free and open-source software applications wherever possible, by providing only e-learning and not classical real-life education and by making all knowledge available to you on a subscription basis instead of one-time large sums of money normally charged for Lean Six Sigma courses.

4. IASSC Body of Knowledge

Since Lean is a methodology that is not owned by anyone, certification of your skills is a bit more complicated. We believe that the best way to prove your Lean skills is by becoming 3rd-party independently certified. There are two organizations worldwide that provide this service and they are ASQ and IASSC. Our courses are based on the IASSC Body of Knowledge so that you are in the best position possible to become 3rd-party certified. For this reason, we also do not provide certifications ourselves. Since IASSC is best at keeping the standard of their exams, you can get certified through them after training with us.

5. Continuous improvement

In the Lean philosophy, it is better to get 80% of your product or service on time than 100% too late. To act on this philosophy ourselves, we have published the complete Lean curriculum on our e-learning platform and are expanding gradually to Six Sigma as well whilst continuously improving existing modules. We gladly invite you to provide feedback on all or separate course modules so that we can continuously improve them to maximize customer value. We will also continue to expand the course modules until the complete Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge is covered.

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